Before you belittle me (and throw me death threats), may I remind you how stupid you went when you started disrespecting simple ground rules and everyone working hard to save your patient. Stop acting like you know shitloads when in fact you're 0 ; you know absolutely nothing. Was it my fault when my nurse instincts tried to tell me that I have to prioritize my patients before you? I was seriously on the verge of screaming back at you but I had to stop myself because there was this tiny bit of respect for you, more for everyone inside the station and most especially for myself. Now that this already happened, what are you going to tell people? That nurses are bitching out on you because we were doing our job? Are you going to tell your friends and family about how toxic you were? That you forgot that your pea sized brain/ understanding had to be upgraded all the time?

Sometimes, I just kenot with watchers. You tryna manipulate me? Nah thank you.
And if news breaks a nurse died somewhere, or if I get kiled, ask everyone from my team who were at the nurse's station on August 05, 2016 at 4pm, they'll tell you who did it.

xo, readysetdrool.

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