"Jughead: when people are being nice, I short circuit."

That's basically the line of my life right now. When everyone's trying to reach out and try to be nice, it's an instict that I just flop. There goes my kindness, it flew away. 

My angsty life that quite resembles Jughead's character in CW's Riverdale. 

Lately there's been too much bs going on. A member of the pack was being the bitch and when I tried to avoid her, the whole family thinks I started the whole drama. Why's it still my fault when all I did was to avoid someone who's been bitching about how I'm acting towards her- even acusing me of being the tail while she's the head of the dog, whom's always tailing her (which btw is a wrong analogy). Easy breezy, too much drama, I cant stay that way bb. So nope, this will be the last time my cup of care gets full.

xo, readysetdrool.

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