It has been exactly four months since college started. It was difficult, to be frank. I have learned new things and made new acquaintances. Yet, the hardest part is not yet to come. I miss every single thing about my High School. The late night parties, early to bed-late to wake up routines and yes, i miss my friends. I just got home from a friends' party. She was a high school classmate. Her guests were our schoolmates too. I just have came up to a realization, WE ALL GREW UP. Every single thing about us changed. From the way we spoke to each other and up to the way we said our farewells. It was hard. I though college would be the same. The worst part that happened? I was with my BEST FRIEND. We were used to be as close as hell. Now, she wouldn't even treat me the same way. :( She started trash talking, making the unusual gestures and said things that were kind of harsh. BTW, after what happened tonight, I'm still gonna be her best friend. No matter what comes between us.



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