Date: November 25, 2011
  1. a self proclaimed  spontaneous extrovert and strong bamf who loves to read books. But secretly wishes to be an introvert.
  2. i like gays because they're the coolest people ever.
  3. i am a huge fan of Panic @ the Disco, SImple Plan, Linkin Park, The Click Five and One Republic
  4. my life's greatest frustration: DANCING.
  5. I want to plant roses and carnations on my own garden.
  6. i *always* if not, most of the time get reprimanded for my ME's in the chart during our clinical duties. Which always makes me the best in charting in the group.
  7. i grew up having 3 best friends. Mikko, Monik and Gian.
  8. the 3 of us has 3 siblings each.
  9. when i was in high school, i never failed to watch gossip girl, house, csi and summer land.
  10. i have always liked the color blue.
  11. i love britney spears, steps, blue, westlife, backstreetboys and spice girls.
  12. my cousins and i used to step in front of the television, play "i am" and mimicking the dace steps while the Steps concert is playing.  
  13. my preference about having best friends are boys because they're better listeners / asses than girls. believe me.
  14. Gian and i can consume 8-9 twin poppsies in one sitting.
  15. i can eat ice cream the whole day. no. make that a week.
  16. i take cortecosteroids everyday for my asthma.
  17. i have tried going to the mall wearing a brace and a cane.
  18. i was in an icu before.
  19. Boyish. Actually, always one of the boys.
  20. Indecisive most of the time
  21. i make friends easily.
  23. I enjoy my own piece of solitude inside a coffee shop with a cup of green tea. No caffeine.
  24. i can't fresh eat bananas unless they're from the freezer.
  25. trash talking has been and will always be a part of my language.
  26. i drink / party on a regular basis.
  27. I don't hate my second name; just saving it for something special.
  28. i am always fascinated with drummers.
  29. i love playing with my pens. (i always end up destroying my g-tech because of this. :D)
  30. shoe fettish.
  31. i have a self proclaimed twin Toby. but we have different parents.
  32. i adore zhoumi and ryeowook because they're sexy
  33. i play badminton
  34. TROLLS
  35. siwon's abs.
  36. my group's name for the clinical duty's HKIDS. figure out what H means. 
  37. i loooove barney!! 
  38. i have a very low tolerance for seminars.
  39. i cry easily.
  40. i am a nursing student nurse.
  41. i wanted to take the photography course in DLSB however, i cannot find myself in the photography line, thus, making me end up in nursing.
  42. harry potter vs. draco malfoy? draco wins the choice!
  43. ELF
  44. YG babies.
  45. i studied hangul online, i can read and write the language.
  46. i consider Bohol as my 2nd hometown.
  47. i used to watch saved by the bell.
  48. *silence
  49. since i've read paulo coelho, i have always believed in " Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen the third time."
  50. my favorite number's 21.
  51. dec. 21, 2009.
  52. TwELFs, Sjsubs and SPL!
  53. i think cnblue members are pokemons. they're normal on regular basis but when they step up on stage, they just..evolve. 
  54. epik high is love!
  55. optimistic. you have no idea.
  56. i do not want to live in Korea. maybe just visit there.
  57. my respect fot tablo's immeasurable.
  58. i want to own a cafe in davao with the trolls with an SMent aroma. 
  59. is it obvious that i really love super junior? 
  60. cnblue, ft island, epik high, clazziquai, big bang, b2st too
  61. beki-line!  
  62. this entry was written on the 25th of December year 2012 (Christmas Day) and I currently like someone so much it's starting to hurt my ego. 
  63. i always have separation anxiety with people who's become close to me.
  64. i don't DO believe in love. (20121227)
  66. i'm currently working as a nurse at the Communicable Pavilion of my city's famous tertiary public hospital- SPMC. (201407)
...to be continued.

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