Hi! My name's Danica /a.k.a. Dan/; birth year 91 which makes me a Scorpio. I'm from Davao City, Philippines. I gained my Degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2013 at the age of 21. Also a fresh passer of the PNLE 2013; RN, bebe. Starting to build my nursing career. but ironically, a professional bum AT THE MOMENT. Until I finish the IVT sooner.  Finally starting my first irl job in a couple of hours. Hohoho. What is luck and charm.

I'm a self proclaimed friendliest extrovert, bamf who loves to go on adventures and I have shit loads of tendencies to have the weirdest emotional flactuations. I love K-POP but not everything about it. Just maybe, I stan a couple of oldies who can't even defy image. Spell Super Junior; together maybe with a bunch of other idiots to tag along too. Here's my bias list. I used to update worldwide based forums and websites for Super Junior but the best one's are: TwELFs (ahjumma) and Super Legacy.

Ah favorites, Color? Blue. Food? diabetus. (a huge sucker for ice creams and cakes, you have no idea.) Drinks? Alcohol. German Liver. I also admire stars--> , like big time. Movie? Harry Potter. Number? 13 and 21. I have day 13/21, 13th/21st day of the month, number 13/21 issues and the list goes on..
This space has been my personal pit of both emotional and happy adventures since 2007. I admit, I'm a horrible writer but I do this to keep myself sane. Sometimes I can't trust people's way of thinking that's why I'd rather scribble it down. 
Panic @ the Disco
Fall Out Boy
Simple Plan
Linkin Park
The Click Five
The Script
One Republic

DO have a life. 
Random thoughts forever.

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