If only wishes do come true.

Probably, at this very moment, the Thai ELF's must be screaming their hearts out. Last night, I was supposed to be at SHINee's free concert. But i wasn't able to watch. Yes, I have money, I have connections on how to get inside the concert. Thus, fate didn't allow me. Fate have made it's decision. It did not allowed me to go to Manila and be a real total fangirl for a short time. It made me ponder though. I have made a simple conclusion. "Fate didn't allow me just maybe because it's not yet the right time to watch KPOP artists perform live.". I think fate wants me to wait for something more. Something that might make me happier. Just maybe. What if fate decides to let me see SUPER JUNIOR instead? No. I'm not really over reacting over the things that have happened last night. I'm just trying to force myself that I deserve more. More than what I coul've ever imagined. Thus, when SUPER JUNIOR would really be here, in the future, I will be there. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

btw, I have this adorable friend, CHEONSA23 from twitter.:) She also loves SUPER JUNIOR as much as I do. This evening, her blog post caught my attention. It was also about the boys' going on SUPER SHOW 2 concert @ Thailand. PLEASE DO READ HER POST:

CHEONSA23'S POST. :) First, her post was very heartwarming. Second, I must admit, her post made me think again. :) Third, because I wanted to go with her when the boys are comming over COMPLETE OR INCOMPLETE, WE'D BE WATCHING THE CONCERT TOGETHER . :)

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