NETIZENS are furios at IVY.

credits for the video: youtube.

Netizens are extremely overprotective of their idols, therefore it came as no surprise when netizens began to leave negative comments on Ivy's minihompy over her joint performance with NichKhun.

For this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards, MAMA, Ivy had a joint performance with NichKhun. This vampire concept performance involved provocative dance and close "skinship" between the two artists, which was bound to leave some fans angry.

  • After the awards, netizens left comments on Ivy's minihompy saying, “I was watching this with my family and I felt embarrassed.”

That comment is one of the few that Ivy received on her minihompy. Other comments she received are:

  • - “Even though it may be the concept, the outfit is too revealing."
  • - "I was watching this alone and I thought ‘Oh no, poor NichKhun.'”
  • - “Goodbye for Ivy.”
  • - “Did she go under the knife for her boobs?”
  • - “So you guys want her to wear Hanbok and dance to some fan dance instead?”
  • - “But the way I see it, the performance was really over the board. Even if it is some other male celebrity, she will just get bashed like that.”
  • - “But how come Baek JiYoung did not get bashed for working with TaecYeon for their collaborative song?”
  • - “If there is too much hating, how can our country develop in terms of concert culture?”
  • - “You guys want another suicidal celebrity?”
  • - “Instead of blaming Ivy, I think Mnet has more problems.’”
  • - “I know everyone is concerned with the performance but why can’t I take my eyes off her boobs.”
  • - “This is like porn.”

De Chocolate E&TF released a statement to clarify and pacify the issue by saying, "2PM fans, please look at this as just a performance."

Throughout this whole ordeal, you cannot help but wonder if NichKhun has also received negative comments from Ivy fans.

credits: omgkpop.com

personal view:

First of all, what IVY did was totally insane. I mean common! You get NichKhun from nowhere and then start seducing him?! Yes, it was all for your performance, but what about the "after show"? Look at what happened now. If IVY didn't even started that, she wouldn't be judged. Poor KHUN. well oh well. let's just see what happens. :)


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