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Just this afternoon, a shocking news break myheart. Hanggeng of SUPER JUNIOR has decided to terminate his contract with SME. This news totally made me cry. When I woke up after a 5 hour nap, I received a text saying "HANGENG, PLEASE DON"T LEAVE". Then, messages came one after another. I was totally devastated.

From allkpop
Hankyung, who is well-known as the only Chinese member in Super Junior, is popular amongst both the Asian youth and media. With his good reputation and talent, many speculated that the singer would go on to have a very successful solo career as well. However, rumor has it that the contract forbade Hankyung from pursuing a solo career, creating a rift that led to this contract termination request.

The press stated,
"No specific details have yet been released towards this termination request. However, it is likely the reason is because of the unfairness the contract holds in regards to Hankyung's personal development."

From Twelfs:

We are sure some of you have been following us on twitter for the recent updates on this…. we thought we could cover everything there but we were wrong. The case is much more complicated than we thought it would be so we’re going to cover more about this on the blog as well.
According to Chinese media, Super Junior Hangeng has requested a termination of exclusive contract with SME and this has shocked many fans. A lot of articles regarding this controversy appear, all confirming the fact that he did file a lawsuit.

UPDATE (December 21, 2009)

4:25PM KST
When asked via phone regarding this news, SME sounded really surprised ~ as for now, geng is unreachable as his phone is being switched off (Source: Sina)
4:41PM KST
Here’s a legal perspective. The news didn’t say anything on which part of the contract he wanted to terminate. Whole? Some provisions? Even if he wants to terminate a clause or two, it doesn’t always mean he’s getting out. Keep the positive thoughts, ELFs. There’s no proof or official statement of anything yet. Presumption of innocence. When it comes to contract, there is always a dispute settlement clause. It is up to the parties on how to settle their disputes in the future. They can settle them themselves, they can have an arbitration, or they can settle it down in courts. Either way, it’s just a matter of dispute settlement. Going to court is just a way to change a contract. If there indeed exists a problem in the contract, there is still a possibility that they will make a new contract. Therefore, it’s really a premature assumption that if Hangeng files a lawsuit, then it means he wants to get out. VERY premature.
4:55PM KST
This is the legal document SAID to be the actual request of the termination http://i50.tinypic.com/2z512s6.jpg Geng didn’t sign the paper himself but it was his lawyer, Kim Jin Wook. His lawyer HAS the rights to sign the paper on behalf of hankyung.
5:12PM KST
As for the law procedure, what happened today is merely the admission of the lawsuit. The legal document released on the internet is just a common procedure to note down that the lawsuit has been given to court. That legal document is NOT the lawsuit file itself. It’s just a proof that the lawsuit has been given to the court. The court itself still has to PROCESS it and DECIDE whether they’re going to accept the lawsuit or not.
6:52PM KST
At 6PM, SME released a statement, saying that they will be in touch with Hankyung to confirm the news and converse with him to fix things up, “For the sake of Super Junior, we will resolve this through a dialogue.” (Source:
STAR News).
7:24PM KST
Kyuhyun just updated his cyworld with a diary entry
HERE “Even a beast don’t bite the hand that feeds one… I can not understand…”
8:31PM KST
After an hour or so, Kyu hides his diary entry.. probably due to the amount of attention it gets from the media

Read more: twelfs

1. Salary - I have been hearing news that certain managements in Korea doesn't pay their talents properly. Hangeng is a FAMOUS star. There's no doubt about that. He gets inside and outside of Korea because he's being wanted from other countries. What if he's not being payed properly? What if all the hard work has been thrown away because he's not payed properly? They (SuperJunior) are very hard working people! But behind this, Hangeng decided to terminate his contract. Why? Nobody knows the answer. We are jumping into conclusions because nobody wants to talk. Nobody is brave enough to tell us the truth.

2. The 13-year contract - You have heard about this right? This was given by SME to DBSK. For me, who on earth would want to be tied on his neck FOR 13 LONG YEARS? Like WTH?!!! What if Geng was given this contract? and he decided not to sign? What was SME thinking? 13 years?!!!! It's crazy!

All the things written here are from my personal points of view. I don't intend to hurt anybody with whatever I have written here. :( This is purely my insights. I dont want hankyung out. Every ELF needs him. :(

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