A Woman In Love.

"You'll never know when you'll be in love. You'll never know who you're gonna
fall in love with. And you'll never EVER know you that you are already
in love. Let's talk about love right now. "
Super Junior. AGAIN. If I was given a chance to watch them live, but not on
the front row seats, I will. No
rants, no rumblings. I will watch them even if I was positioned at the 3rd floor of the
theater. That's love. You'll sacrifice
ANYTHING just to be with the
person you are in love with. In this video, let me tell you that there is no reason why I
dearly adore this adorkable guys. They are crazy
and sometimes
being ridiculously funny. They tend to let their audience see the "real deal" the real them.
No make-ups and fashion trends stopped us
from seeing these
guys act in a "crazy" manner. Okay being talkative much. Just enjoy. :) I hope you'd love
them as much as I do. :)


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