Kim Kibum " is a new begining to me"

Kim Kibum has begun to show his desire. The reason why he chose "Jumunjin" is because he wanted to play an unique character. "Ghost", an unique character who had turned himself into a ghost after parting with his lover had made Kibum read the screenplay over and over again. "I felt that he's very special when I read the screenplay. Rather than being confident that I will do well, I chose this movie because of my big curiosity because it sounded interesting. Moreover I want to challenge myself for a leading role for the first time".

In a isolated vacation home at Jumujin, Ghost is a endlessly waiting for his lover who had left him. For the first time in his life, Kim Kibum had to grow his hair as well as not to cut his fingernails & toenails, he had to live like Ghost's image.

"At first he's very manly but there are moments he's like a girl. He's very opposite to Jini (Hwang Bora). Because Ghost likes poem very much so I had to find and read a lot of poems. Although it's quite hard but once I acted, everytime I felt that "Ah, it's good, isnt it ?" I would make sure that the director will shout "OK". That moment is very good"

Although he doesnt have lifetime love memory like Ghost but he has tried very hard for the acting of Ghost in love. He had read the screenplay with Hwang Bora all night long and continuously discussing with the director. Everytime there was thought of giving up, he always made up his mind with "I must be stronger". Therefore, he had to suffer a pain when returning to Seoul after filming. Until now the pain hasnt gone away yet but he always thinks about "Jumunjin" as a happy thing.

"This movie is a new beginning to me. After this movie, I could realize my advantages and disadvantages. Actually before it seems that except speaking, all my acting is just crying. I had realized that how much I want to change to a character who are worry, intense and even have to quarrel". Righ after the movie "Jumunjin", he has been cast in the play "A middle nap" of director Heo Jinho.

"It will definitely become a good experience to me". Kim Kibum is the person who doesnt bother himself about what other people say, if he wants to do something he will try to do it no matter what. But in return he will always try to show his best image. The moment when he could become the best is very near.

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