Factors to be considered.

You know how desperate I am to see this L I V E?! You have no idea. I have been waiting all my life. Wait. Scratch that. I have been waiting for this thing to happen for like 4 years now. The scene where all I could see is the SEA OF SAPPHIRE BLUE. Damn.

Let me tell you a story. There was this girl who was eating lunch in Mcdonalds with her classmates. The girl was pretty jealous of her classmates eating their Sundaes. She was so desperate, she had to balance up her money if she could still get her self a good serving of a coke float. One of her classmates said "No, you must save, remember?" The others went "YES. GET YOURSELF ONE" And she was so frustrated, she finally came up with the hard decision. She stoop up, chin up and said, IMMA GET ONE! So she went over the cashier and asked the lady working on the store if she could have one, LUCKILY, the lady said, it's not available. Our machine's not working well. Depressed, she went back to the table. After 3 LONG minutes, once again, she decided to check. Fortunately, they were already serving Sundaes! The poor desperate girl, had her coke float but ended up having her guilt crawling up unto her nerves. GDI. Do you even know how painful it is to but that coke float instead of saving? Over reacting?! NO WAY. It's just I have to save up. No matter what. I've done this before, and I'm doing it again. For the sake of getting myself a good seat on SS3. Yeah dude, SS3 is the only thing I want to have RN. BTW, I think i'm going halfway already for the ticket. Plus my birthday's coming up real fast, Capping and Pinning gift and Christmas money. I just need one more thing, PRAYERS. That my parents would be enlightened that I need this as much as I'd want to graduate. I'm not even sure if this will happen again but idk maybe now's the time for me and watch. :)))