Bloody Break.

 Since day 1, there were only 3 places I have been to. 1. My Bedroom. 2. Restroom. 3. Dining room. You see, I wanted this break to be productive, but irdk what happened. My eyes hurt. I rarely eat and I can't use the computer as much as I would want to. Rawr. I'd rather go out and see the world ><
For the photos:  
1st photo: KOREAN Book. Yes I'm studying.
2. DVD portable player, Speaker, MP3 Player, DVD's and the book.

 These were my only friends at home. I have already finished Personal Preference, Hello Schoolgirl, re-watched SS1 and i'm  still trying to finish 내여자 친구 느고 미 호 ( My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho). Honestly, I want to go out and have fuuuuun. I want to earn money and save it up for ss3. Gaaah. Here come's another rant.  I want it so bad, i'd do everything just to get it. D: Ahhh. Whatever now. I want ice cream. ><

I CAN'T WAIT 'TIL FRIDAY! I'M SEEING @insaneleeee @jjongstan @saechoo @mrschokyuhyun and @fangirlizm agaaaaain!!!! and i'm having ice cream YEEYEYEY! :DD
mood: LAZY.

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