One truthful fact: I never wanted to react about what happened last December 9, 2010. 

Everyone's aware of what happened. Of how SNSD won. I'm not even in opposition about SNSD pwning that award. What I'm more worried about is on how that GDA affected everyone. The E.L.F. the SONES. 

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A few days ago, @insaneleeee and @mrschokyuhyun got really annoyed with this girl. I'm not gonna tell the details though. But to make the story short, this girl was really pathetic. I know she was just trying to tell out her thoughts about how E.L.F should act regarding the decision of the awards night. But to hell with her, she just went mad. Instead of saying good things, she just went like comparable to bashing every single ELF in the world because some couldn't accept the reality that we didn't won the award. WTF dude. That was just crazy. She keeps on saying how ELF and SONES were over reacting about this and that. Okay I will not start bashing her now. It will make me more of being like her too. The point here is, why bash? Why start telling things about certain matters when your point is to loathe? I really don't get it. 

I am an E.L.F. You know that. Thus, it does not justify that I abhor the reality that SNSD won. It's no big deal. It's just that, we were presented some evidences why we need to question the results of the awards night. IT'S HERE. I hope you'd read it with a very unprejudiced heart, understand everything first and then react. 

We also know why some of us are over reacting. We're all aware of how Park Jungsu and Kim Heechul are dying to have this award. The last desires before they leave to serve in the military. That was the only think they ever wanted. True. It might be very ridiculous but this might be their last. :)
xo, readysetdrool.


  1. Aw sis.. Im a SUJU fan who is on my way to becoming a pledged ELF but this ishh had already affected me big time, really.. I can feel ELF's and Suju's aches regarding this matter =( Hell with that basher!
    and I just want to ignore the fact that teukie and heechul would go to military already..
    and now that hangeng won hangeng won his law suit against Sm, I don't know how to feel..

  2. Awww Aiverlyn, I'm sorry to hear that. This fandom sure is affecting us in so many ways. I hope you're feeling fine. <3