It's not new.

People come and go. Sometimes, they stay for a while. But apparently, they have to leave. They have made special bonds with you, make you laugh, cry and sometimes, mad.

It just came to my senses that sooner or later, I have to leave. I have to live my life on a different point of view. That, I have to prove myself that I can do something else. I need to overcome my weak points. I have to be strong. Fight back and win this battle with myself. I'm not saying i'm leaving everything. It's just that I have to concentrate more on things that is more attainable. Something within reach. :l

It's past 1am in my country and Irdk why I am still here. I can't sleep, maybe i'm having insomnia attacks. Or whichever. Idk. I just want to write. Spill my emotions. And become bored again.
xo, readysetdrool.