RT : {TRANS} The door's open whenever. Always have left the spot open. Hope you'll only talk truth. We've never let go of your hands. Don't want any false pain anymore. We are Super Junior!!But still hope you're happy
trans: twelfs

These are examples of how REAL PEOPLE get mad. They say it, straight to the point. IDEK why i'm only writing this now, but what i'm sure is that they were mad. For the fact that they're artists, being followed by everyone means you have to be careful of the words you try to spit out. Surely, they could've been more careful about choosing the right words? 
Leeteuk's sudden outburst about (MAYBE) Hangeng and the Media caught everyone's attention. As I have noticed, he rarely talks about the situation, and when he does, he makes sure to tell the most appropriate words, or else, you know what could happen. Perhaps Leeteuk was seriously affected about how the media said irrelevant things about the conflict. Hangeng was special for Leeteuk, there's no doubt about that. And trying to talk more against the other party can really cause more fire.

Heechul's different story. He has the right to get fxxking mad. How dare you, children throw stuff on people's faces? Okay let's put it this way, for example, he's not Heechul. It was you. How would you feel if someone throws mirror and causes serious damage on your face? Would that make you happy? NO. Because it would fuckking hurt. Embarrassing, somehow. Let's go back to Heenim's state. He is known to have one of Korea's best faces. Now that he has that scar, what do you think would he feel about it? There. You got it right. So lessons learned. We've seen how children throw stuff at the members during Super Shows. Let's stop it cause it's not cute. We can throw stuff on the floor for them to get our attention but not on THEM. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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