You know what pure dumb luck means? I had my exam yesterday and honestly, I did not study at all. When I say I don't study, I mean it. Days before the exam day, I was inside my room, doing absolutely nothing. I tried everything our prof said, listening to classical music, concentrate, isolate yourself. However, NOTHING worked. I ended up sleeping instead. Here comes the big day, all of my classmates were very much busy reviewing inside the library, while I was also busy, sleeping and playing Diamond Rush. Haha. I was also kind of annoying them saying "Stop styuding" blabla. The moment came. Exam papers were in front of me. After more or less 40 minutes, (exams lasts and hour and a half normally) I FELL ASLEEP. Bahahahhaahha. Can you picture that out? Sleeping while having the exams. Daeeeebak! Bahaha. Let's move on with the best part! The results were given out today! Guess what? I FXXKING PASSED THE EXAMS WITH A FXXKING HIGH SCORE!!!!!!! Here's the proof:  A 95 baby!! (Comparing with my studious classmate who also got a 95) BWHAHAHHAHA. I can't stop laughing!!!

Moving on, this was what ruined my day. It clearly states that we were being re-shuffled AGAIN. New classmates, New environment, ADJUSTMENTS AGAIN. T_T 

Plus the huge truth that i'm on my 3rd year now, we'll be having advanced classes on JUNE 2. That's 2 weeks before the real classes starts. //bricked. This is seriously annoying. X((((((((((( 
xo, readysetdrool.

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