13 is 13 NOT 15.

Last night, when I was about to sleep, someone posted this link about only13, ZhouMi and Henry. Because I was supposed to be sleeping, I decided to print out the whole article. I got to read the whole entry just this morning; The seriousness of this war between only13 and protecting 15, was never the question here. Upon reading the article, I then understood their point. AND I AM ONE OF THEM. You see, Super Junior was made 12, added Kyu and that made them 13. Henry and ZhouMi is from Super Junior M. A sub-group, (a subordinate group whose members usually share some common differential quality) There's a HUGE difference between being on the main group and on the other.

 I may NOT even know everything about KELF and how they tried to struggle with the thought that maybe, just maybe, a member or two would be taken out from the group. However, when I actually  finished reading up the thing, It didn't made me angry about the o13 thing now. I do support Henry, well of course, Zhoumi! (ZHOUMI BIASED<3) but the thought is about how the group and the fandom survived all the critics being thrown to them. OMG. I'm actually speaking nonsense now. So, I'll leave you the link. Read it. I swear, you'd get to realize what we're throwing at the o13 elf. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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