The only thang I got. >:)
Yesterday was as cool as WTF. My day started with an sms from the class president saying out 1:30-4:30 class was cancelled. Since I was home, I decided to “start” doing some of my requirements. Drug study, ncp and parts from the case study. However, 3-4 hours have already passed by, and I only managed to finish ONE DRUG STUDY *facepalm*. Sure, a procrastinator will always be a procrastinator. Either way, you wouldn’t want to know what I did. >:) About 11:30 pm, I got another sms, it was from my sister, Darlene. She was asking me if I was watching the concert that night (Tanduay First Five, featuring local OPM bands. Chicosi, Kamikazee, Wolfgang, Sandwich and Parokya ni Edgar.) She asked if I already have my ticket, who I was going with and all. Let me state a fact, I grew up being a PNE fan. I adore Alfonso Miranda Jr and the rest of the band sooo bad that when I heard Davao was one of the gig spots, I then made up my mind that I was going. The only problem was, days before the concert, I still have no idea where to get the tickets. Darlene told me one of her friends was selling one, and baam! This fangirl became overexcited! I was in the middle of getting my excuses ready for my parents when Darlene cam home, and said she changed her mind. She wasn’t going. My chances of getting the ticket went beyond depression level. :l She said she wasn’t going because she might just get bored as she doesn’t really support the band apart from PNE. Although my fangirl spirit was down, I sent out group sms for friends if someone was available that night…..no replies, maybe everyone was busy with their requirements? IDEK. :l 
Fast forward to going to class @ 5:30 in the afternoon just to take a quiz and listened to Andie’s report. As soon as classes ended, I called up Lynnie to ask if they were coming. Surprisingly, they were! I then made up deals with Lynnie. She said they MIGHT go to the concert with Eli and Alea (high school barkada) but no assurances of getting tickets (curse this last minute plans). However, before I thought of going straight to the concert grounds, I called up Ate Bam to ask if she could teach me how to play DOTA; believe me, I was very certain of learning the game. I have actually asked quite a number of people to teach me how to play this awesome game. =D Ate Bam and I met @ MCDO Bajada, in the comfort room. She was uhh…how do I say this. Trying to put make up? Bwhahaha. Sorry Ate Bam, it was the first time seeing you wear make up! Last night I did a few firsts! 1. 1st time playing DOTA. Reached level 8. 2. 1st time waling in Ponciano, that late. Is 8-9 pm even late?? Haha. 3. 1st time riding the jeepney to SM without having to think about whether I should take the taxi or not. 4. Went to a concert alone for the 1st 30 mins because Alea, Lynnie and Eli was already in front of the stage. >< When I finally got there, Kamikazee was already performing. God bless Jay Contreras and his helluva talent, humor and tattoos! He was totally burning up the stage! Chicosi went out next (not a fan) but the songs they performed were familiar. After a couple of hours, another sms came. It was my evil-er twin, Toby. He asked if it was possible if he could go with me and my friends for a while until his friends comes over. Given that I was the less evil twin, I said yes. In addition, because he said he was alone, I left my front row spot. Damn. T_T I didn’t cared if it was as hot as the oven in my spot all I wanted was to see PNE soooo bad. Believe me; it was like crown surfing when you were there. You could not even explain the smell coming out from the crowd. Let’s go back to Toby. It ONLY took him 15 minutes until he got in the concert grounds. When he arrived, time was again, wasted because we couldn’t see each other. Lame. Alternatively, was it I who was deaf who couldn’t hear him chattering over the phone? Idk. Finally, we met at the c2 area. I was somewhat bothered when at last, we met., because it was as if he took a bath using perfumes or something. He really smelled good whereas I, totally drenched in sweat, wasted face and as if I was a lost kid. It was definitely UNFAIR. We decided to go crowd surfing again (tried to get back to my old spot but failed, BIG TIME). As soon as we got a better place to stay *cough*scream*cough, PNE just fucking appeared on stage! Seriously, all the haggard-ness, perfused sweating and the exhaustion of the day vanished just like that. Yeah. The feeling when you finally get to see your idols! *tapsback*insertemosong* I did what I do best, fangirling! It wasss crazzyyyyy!!! Alfonso and the rest, you guys are priceless! Even though I wasn’t able to see you face to face, just watching you performing live, was beyond perfection! <3 This entry was made as for a remembrance. EMOOOO. Bleeeee. >:)
xo, readysetdrool.

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