Open Happiness.

Last night was undeniably perfect! We celebrated Andie's 19th birthday with a blaaaassstttt. Fooods and Boooooze were served and the after party was EPIC. I will not be telling exact details though. Just emotions. Bahahhahahaa.

When I was staring at someone for hours, my mind just wouldn't stop wandering. Was this really happening? Alternatively, are we just doing this for fun? IDEK. You see, I do not like-like him. Just adoring or whatever the right term may be. Just not, love. Never. So I was saying, I'm not even sure why I was staring at him like that. Maybe because he looks good? No? Okay. He looks good and he was having a deep sleep beside me. -_- Damn itttt. Lmaaaooo. The things happened last night should be buried away since it wasn't supposed to happen. o.O I CAN'T FUCKING SPILL MY EMOTIONS. SHITTTT. Although I enjoyed parts of it, BECAUSE I'm totally dying due to massive laughter right now. How could I face you on Wednesday after what happened? Tell me NOW. Hahaha. GDI, I must be losing my sanity right now. The white watch. The forehead thing. The whispered words of fuckery. Fuck. Hahahhahahahhaahhaahhaha. IDKKKKKK. Crazy bish is crazy. I'm also betting stories will be circulating tomorrow, and i'm ready. BRING IT ON, LOSERS! Perhaps, time can only decide when it will start to go down. Just have to face the consequences tho. <3

ALL HAIL KIM HEECHUL AND KIM JUNGMO. M&D BURNED MNET'S STAGE. JUST KABOGABLE! The duo could just do anything, flawlessly! Look closely at Jungmo, he does the DRUMS, keyboards and freaking guitars! That's freeeeakkkyyy! 

xo, readysetdrool.

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