Shine and Star

Who'd ever thought that I'd let someone sign on my precious, overly expensive SS3 3D; and to think, he's not a Super Junior member? Haha. He's not Kibum, Not even Siwon. He's my Clinical Instructor, and he got to leave a very touching note on my album.  Haha. Let's not drop any names here, but you look at that precious note, coincidentally, it has the words Shine and Star. Ring a bell? Shining Star, Like a little diamond~~~ Lalala. Binggo! A Super Junior hit! Okay. Why do I always end up linking things to Super Junior. Rawr. :))))

Okay pambawi. haha. 
Sir, just good luck with everything. Matalino ka, alam nating lahat yan, kaya't alam ko rin na very wise decision ang ginawa mo. There's always a reason why things are happening. God's will, sabi nga nila. But don't worry, ngayon medyo magsisimula sa below frustration level but, in no time, naliligo ka na sa happiness ulit. *sobs* One (what do you call it, uhm, lecture para sa rotations) was enough para machange mo ang perception ko about the course and everything else. Basta yun. Hahaha. Ganito pala feeling no medyo nakakadepress. Anyway, yeah, good luuuuuucckkk. Always pray, God never fails to listen. Weee keep in touch, God bless, Happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines Day. All in one. Basta, i'm always here to hear your rants / news. Keep in touch, yeah? ^^ Kthxbye. Twitter friends until twitter's creator decides to wipe out twitter's name in history or whatever... that doesn't even makes sense. :D always, STALKER.

선생님, 감사합니다 :)
xo, readysetdrool.

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