That spur of the moment where you just let everything out because the load you are carrying's starting to get heavier. 

Never wanted to let out hurtful words but you think that's the only way to deliver the emotions you have been building up over all these times.

Screaming your thougts in one go just because it's the least you can do for a person to understand. 

Crying, not to mean you're over acting but because you feel it's been too long, and it's starting to get it's toll on you. 

Cursing, to compensate the uneding list of times you've let that person hurt you. 

You never wanted to do that, however, it's. too. much. You get the worst of everything. From the way they describe you, even the words they relay to other peopl's minds. You quietly wish you can defend yourself but you can't. It's like you can't change a person's perception about you. You try, but still their words predominate the scene. At least people defended you in ways they see the other picture. 

Hurt. That's what i'm really feeling right now because you'd never expect who caused this. The one that's supposed to be listening to my happy days to gray skies, turned out to be the one who'd compare me to someone else and tell everyone about my lapses. 

Tonight, I had enough.
I had to do it.
I'm not even close to being sorry about it.

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