Kibum "My acting is also a part of Suju's activities"

Kim Kibum had taken a break for 9 months after MBC drama "Chun Ja's Happy Events". Last year, Kim Kibum was nowhere to be found when Super Junior comeback and made a hit song with "Sorry sorry". Kim Kibum now is looking back at those time very calmly.

"I had watched a lot of plays, practiced acting and travelled back and fort to USA. It was an important time to me. I had had spare time but then I felt like I want to act the serious roles. I think it is good reward to me because now I can accomplish anything"

When being asked if he felt sad that he couldnt perform with Super Junior when they had their hit song, Kim Kibum said "I want to act more" and "I dont regret" while shaking his head, "I had watched Suju got their no.1 and I'm very happy".

"Suju is a group that being active in many fields. I'm just the one who only want to act, but it (acting) is also a part of Suju activities. It's not that only when Suju are on stage Suju are Suju. Shindong's
is still a part of Suju activities and mine (my acting) is just the same. Of course there is chance that I will appear on the stage again but it seems that I cant do two things at the same time and both acting & singing are art."

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

Personal thoughts.
When people start talking about Kibeom leaving Sj, it would just make me very mad. Like, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! He said it himself. He isn't leaving. SUPER JUNIOR IS HIS FAMILY. Now, would you mind? Stop spreading fake rumors. He aint leaving. Just the same with Kangin and Hangeng. What happened to them anyway? I guess they're having their rests now. Good for them. I guess it's the best thing that has ever happened to them. After all the things that passed, Geng's having his rest and Kangin, free from all those crazy netizens that are bashing him. These guys also needs a break from everything. They work hard to make us happy and when they do come here in the Phils, i'm sure, they'd make me ECSTATIC. <33


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