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SJ 2nd Asia Tour in Shanghai: HanGeng still not present.
On the 6th and 7th of March, Korea group Super Junior will be holding their last 2nd Asia Tour concert in Shanghai* .HanGeng, who was not present in last week’s concert in Beijing due to contract issues, it waits to be seen if HanGeng will be present to bid his fans goodbye.

What we know from the organizers is that while they have gotten all of the remaining SJ members to participate in the concert, they have also remain in contact with SM, and hope that HanGeng would put aside the contract issues and join in this concert. However, the organizer said that although it would be highly impossible that it would happen, in the opening sales alone, the tickets have been
70% sold, surpassing their expectations.

The contract issues brought many problems to Super Junior, but it didn’t stop them from achieving recognition for their hard work. At the second half of last year,
created a craze in both Korea as well as Asia, and in September, with the release of the mini-album in Taiwan, which topped charts, SJ can be said to be very popular in China too.

Last year, on the 18 of October, SJ performed at Shanghai Sport hall, and although the prices of the tickets went up to as high as 3600yuan, fans were still equally enthusiastic. 2 months later, SJ went to Nanjing for another concert, and like before, the whole place was placed, causing organizers to add in last minute tickets for standing only. In order to thank their fans for their support, SJ decided to hold their last concert in Shanghai* , and will also double the concert time.

Last week concert at Beijing, other than HanGeng not being present due to contract issues, two other members, KangIn and KiBum were not around too, due to a hiatus and acting commitment respectively, causing SJ to hold their first concert with only 10 members. Fans at the venue, however, were chanting “HanGeng, KiBum, KangIn,” the names of the 3 members who were not present. Being the last stop, organizers express that like the fans, they do want to see SJ perform as a complete group. However, HanGeng decision is still rather firm, so the chances of it happening may be near to impossible. The organizers also said that they have also personally contacted HanGeng, and hope that he would be able to turn up for this concert, giving all those present a pleasant surprise.

HanGeng’s contract issues also had some negative impact towards the 2nd Asia Tour. On the January 10 and 23 concert in Guangzhou and Shanghai respectively, many of HanGeng’s fans requested a refund for their ticket. The reporter asked if they are worried if such a situation would happen, and they responded that this concert has already sold up to 70% of the tickets, leaving only about 2000 tickets left, making it one of the fastest numbers of tickets sold. In addition, most of the concert-goers would definitely be those who already saw the Nanjing concert, and are just back to watch it again. Therefore, the time, which was allocated by both the fans and organizers, is such that the 6th March concert will be held in the evening, while the 7th March concert at 3:30pm, for convenient sake, so that when the concert is over, fans can then catch a plane or a train ride home

credits: Translated by Iunny-@sj-world.net
shoutout by blacklisthunter@sj-world.net

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