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2PM Wonder Girls Shinee Suju's idol best "Lord of study"
Super Junior Kyuhyun is also a person who belongs to the "Uhm-chin-ah"* line. Kyuhyun's talent is great and it was proven by the Math Olympic's award he got when he was still in school. There is saying that Kyuhyun often spend his time to solve math problems and it even shows his ability in math. Currently, Kyuhyun majors in Postmodern music in University and he had taken the SAT to gain the admission to that school before debuting as a celebrity. Kyuhyun had been at the top of the whole school when he was in senior high and he was also famous for his ability in foreign language.

* my mom's friend's son, a term to describe a young boy who is too good to be true....but now it is used to refer a superior boy.

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translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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