When life gives you something you never imagined.

They're here. In the Philippines. The country where I am living. Thus unfortunate things DO happen when everything seems fine. Last year, everything was fine. Money was never a problem for me because I know I have saved enough for this. Saving was hard, I wasn't even able to eat proper meals because of this. I never wanted anything so bad. And then all of a sudden, my dream, the only thing that I've wanted shuttered. Broken dreams, as you may say, it's still the same. My heart was broken. It was a terrible feeling. The worst, I may say. :( I just want to express my feelings because I was really hurt. I want to tell my parents how they broke my heart. But I can't. They wouldn't even give a damn. They don't even care. It was easy for them to say "NO", after all, they weren't the one who's going to the concert. THIS IS SUSHOW, for heaven's sake. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BY MINE. I have been praying for this to happen, and when the final announcement was made, I was very EXCITED. WAS. Oh no, I'm not over reacting, I'm simply stating facts, feelings. My damn feelings. -_- HAHA. okay too much. I still owe myself a super show 3 ticket. :) And by that time, there will be 15 people dancing onstage. Not having a concert, rather, a PARTY. <3

credits: ELFish for the photo. :)


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