I want to hold on...But...

I don't want to cry. I have cried enough yesterday, but as I was taking a short trip to youtube, I decided to look for this. As a result of being reckless, once again, I am into tears. I really don't know why i'm crying like this. That's a truth. I don't want my brother seeing me crying because he might think i'm crazy. But I do not care. Why should I? I owe Kim Yongwoo's apology for being selfish. I'm sorry Kangin, I need you so bad. From my previous blog, I said two years won't be long. Guess what. Iam wrong. 2 years WILL NEVER BE SHORT. That's 2 fa;klbuavln YEARS. And just a while ago, I came unto a news saying Jungsoo will be next. That's another 2 years. If you try to think about it, that's gonna be 4 years. Plus, another member's going inside. That's another 2 years. A total of more or less 26 years of waiting, until all 13 members finish their duties. I must admit, this will be pretty hard to accept, especially that 3 members aren't with them atm. :( It's just. HARD.


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