Went a date with the LORD.

One beautiful Saturday morning, ....SHE went mad. Wonder why? Because she was broke and she was bored. (1ST BADLUCK) She noticed she only had 60 pesos on her wallet. Yet, because of total desperation, she confidently said to herself, "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND HAVE A DATE WITH THE LORD". And she did. She took a bath, dried her hair, (2ND BAD LUCK) She almost burned her hair. After calming herself down, she went out of the house, smiling. Thinking of what could possibly happen.

I cant use the 3rd person shit anymore...So change.
I was kinda wondering what my Korean friend was doing today so I had to text him. I remembered I had no load. So here comes the second piece of Bad luck. Went inside the store,spoke to the lady selling load, asked her to give me what load I wanted. Typed my number, paid and left. Honest to God, I only have 60 pesos on my wallet so whether I like it or not, I had to take the jeep. (3RD BAD LUCK) Getting inside the jeepney was embarrassing, Why? Because I bumped my head against the stupid roof. People were staring at me already soyeahh. Seating down was no problem though. The jeepney wasn't crowded so it went fine. After few minutes of waiting for the load to get in to my number, I suddenly remembered (3RD BAD LUCK) I mistyped my number. My classmate and I have the same number except for the last digit *my number was supposed to be 0932******7 and her number's 0932******9. See the difference?! I was just like OHAC'KSFUIR!$%^&*(&^. Moving on....(3RD BAD LUCK) I got in unto the WRONG JEEP. I was supposed to be going downtown, undoubtedly it went the other way. So then I decided to drop by to the badminton court. My sisters were having their tournament so it was kind of a way of "showing some sisterly support". After more or less than 3 hours of talking with everyone, whapaaak~ Danica became bored again.

Here's some shot of them. :D

Press forward. After having our lunch we decided to go to the mall. Which was also my plan because I had to meet up with
@mrschokyuhyun. and the rest of the SJ United Philippines friends for Ate Jenn to be handing out their "Don't Don" albums from Manila. (4TH BAD LUCK) I didn't know the albums from Manila had freebies. (4 POSTERS, 4 PICTURES, 1 BOOKMARK) And for the fact that they only have to pay 560 pesos only. I got mine for 500 with ONE POSTER AND NO PICTURES. *KASAYANG SA KWARTAAA!!!* Everything else went well, had fun meeting up with other crazy fangirls. blablabla... Time to leave.

Got home, screamed my ass off and TADAAAA~~ I'M IN LOVE WITH MY FREE POSTER!!!
So why a date with the Lord? Because He made me realize how He makes life FUN. XD Never thought that this day would turn up to be SOOOOO GOOD!! A little tip to all of you, if you think life's getting hard,

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