Another day full of happiness. Wow. Just finished my 3rd cup of Coke and i'm feeling cranky already. :DD This day was pretty nice. Took a break from the city life. Went to the beach with the whole family. Honestly, I've been wanting to get some heeps of rest since classes would be resuming in a week. By then, i'll be facing new misseries, problems would probably smacking right through my face but i'm still excited about it. Reason? I will be having my hospital duties already! *yahoooo!* for some, it's scary, but I really can't find the reason why I should be. Idk. Maybe too much confidence? IDK.IDK.

Fandoms are having a party right now! DC 's being streamed but I'm not watching. Haha. I'll be digging them out on yt later. Haish. Too much talk. See y later.


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  1. Hi, Danica! I saw your tweet retweeted by TwELfs just a while ago, so I clicked on your username and arrived here in your blog. So far, I find your blog pretty interesting! I'll come back later to read your other entries. :)

    Your fellow ELF,
    The Silent Spectator