First Day Blues. :)

"Hi, I'm Danica, and I graduated from UIC"...
First week for my 2nd year life's almost ending. IDEK what to say. Everything seems to be happening so fast. Just 6 more semesters and a summer and I'm SOOOO DONE with college. Alright, it may seem absurd, but hey it's still GREAT to look at the brighter side instead of just ranting all daaaay long. :D Uhm so what else. Oh I know. My class got bombarded and we were re-shuffled. Which means, NEW classmates, new seating arrangements, NEW LIFE. Wait. Scratch that. Having this new environment would mean A LOT of adjustments to be made. First of all, I don't even have the slightest ideas of who these people are...Kyaaa~ But I bet they're nice and all, but still, nothing beats 1K, 1.5 K. My one year worth of blasphemy's, rants, cheats, painful words, laughters, mischievous adventures, late night gossips and everything else, I will miss them :( I wish this new chapter of my life would bring something else. Second year, PLEASE BE NICE :)))

Next thing..MY HEART. XD
2 GUYS. 1 HEART. LOL. Very difficult to decide if you should stick to the one who doesnt even know you like him or to the one who just likes you because he's the one who benefits from the friendship?? GDI. I hope Kibum would just get his ass back here and make me smile. Even for a while X(

Okaaayyy. Whish me luck smart asses.


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