drum rolls.

Logic Exam was MAD. I totally pwned the exam! NOOOT!!!! GDI. I have just wasted the whole sleepless night cramming. Would you believe that 40 points worth from the exam was MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE? Which means, double the tragic fate of my grade. haaaish. I still have 2 exams tomorrow however, time's being such a bish. Still have to finish more papers for monday. You know the feeling of "I HAVE CRAMMED ENOUGH, BUT IT WAS NOT WORTH IT, BECAUSE I WILL STILL HAVE A LOW, PASSING GRADE". Hm. What to do first, done reviewing my bioethics. NCM. 누 구 야?! HAHA. I shall review you tomorrow. X) It's past 2am rn. Random thoughts entering my mind. Blabla. I think I'll do my PA for toddlers//infants now. I wouldn't want to fail this school nsg rotation. :) take heeps of care. ILY!



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