t's 3am and as usual, still awake and ready to blast up this silent sanctuary im in. My family's sleeping well, except for the dogs and ME. XD hmm. This week's not much fun. It more of like one helluva week. Exams are akm;svin and making me seriously sick. I'm having troubles with my Logic class, aahh which reminds me I still have to memorize the whole chapter 1 of the book for tomorrow's exam. D-E-A-D. Hmmn. What to talk about. Oh I know! I miss @TwELFs and Super Legacy. It has been 1/2 mos since I've been there to update and all. It's like my second home, the place where I have to be, to relax and spazz. Basically, this isn't work. This is playing, with rules and i'm playing this game for people who loves Suju. :) -_- Ah to keep myself distracted from all the studying, here's what I have now. :))
So yeah, Gotta get back digging unto my notes. And Good Morning. :)

@supersaejn has a new blog. :) CHECK IT HERE.


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