Delivery Room. DAY 1

I can't find the appropriate sentences for this post however, there's this one word that could probably describe my day.
You see, I was praying the whole time that we'd have at least one client for the day since we were assigned on a lying-in center. >< It was past 7 am when we arrived there. Fast forward to 7:45 or so, our CI told us that we can go out from the place and get some food. IT WAS 7:45 IN THE MORNING. So you can actually predict the coming situations. 8 am. Still no client. 8:30 am. Nothing. Our teacher suddenly told us that for the previous students she handled, they'd buy food from any vendor that'd pass by, out of respect. Guess what, THEY DID EXACTLY THE SAME. For every 30 mins, my classmates and I went out from the center and check out for some food. :) ice cream, 
TAHO (Soy something) Haha.

BICO: (Rice with lots of sugar and coconut milk or Rice Cakes)

Junk Foods, and LUNCH. Name it, we've tasted it. LMAO. Though it was kind of sad, at the end of the day, we had to do the Ward class, presented some Drug studies, blablabla. 2:30, the driver arrived! Yipeeee. Everyone was nagging things like "I swear I wont bring money tomorrow" "I'd bring junk foods for everyone" etc. When we were about to leave the place, there was this pregnant mother who (I THINK) would give birth TONIGHT ARRIVED with her friend.SEEEE HOW IT MADE MY HEART BREAK? AND TO THINK THAT I PICKED TO "HANDLE" THE NEWBORN AFTER THE DELIVERY? AOSJRIGEUOEIA;FKREG.


That hostage drama was horrible. :( Let's all pray for the victims. And Please don't bash us, Filipino's because we're NOT all the same. Thank you.


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