TwELFs Turns 1!

「 TwELFs: Twitter ELFs 」


Happy Anniversary to my love. :)) A crazy year has passed by and were still going strong. The mere memory of THIS AND THIS still makes me smile. 

The moment I saw the "WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF" thing, I immediately took the courage to "try it out" and "let's see what's gonna happen". When I got the message saying "You got the shot" *not the exact words btw* I had the BEST feeling in the world. Becoming as one of the team made me ecstatic. Everything was definitely NOT just working. It was more of PLAYING with ELF around the world with SUPER JUNIOR. You see, there's a HUGE difference of working while enjoying and working with waiting for something in return. Pure working is an acord of duty while working and enjoying at the same time is the sense of duty. *insertsBIOETHICSlessonhere* SENSE OF DUTY- DOING AN ACT BECAUSE YOU CARE. And ACORD OF DUTY- DOING AN ACT JUST BECAUSE THE HELL OF IT. Get the difference? Basically, TwELFs is something I get to enjoy myself. I had the chance to talk with random people from around the world. In addition, everyone just seems to be so happy everytime a staff gets to do their jobs well (Posting and stuff) XD. 

However, I know how hard it was to deal with all those haters and the like, but the team was strong. Everyone (especially the founders) tried their best to not mind those people who bash. All we wanted was to make everyone happy, spazz andgive out the best latest news. That's it. I must admit, I admire the bravery of the admins. They NEVER once minded those people who can't do anything but get into other people's lives. That's the best thing about TwELFs. The staffs are mature enough to handle such people.  ^ ^
Press forward. Becoming as one of the ADMINS. Still couldn't believe how I managed to get the slot but irdkkkkk. LMAO. Everytime this thought comes unto my mind I couldnt stop laughing. Maybe because I was "lucky" (?) Or nort. Okay too much. Blablabla. Still got to meet A LOT of people from around the world. From the USA to Germany to the universe! XD 

Here comes the BEST part! I met @SAEJN the founder of SJSubs. I never knew the founder was from Davao though. *gets bricked* Thanks to @mrschokyuhyun for being our "bridge"; she introduced us to one another, and boom, we were talking and texting like a;kfnruahe;ijkvfreuh. We got to talk about PEOPLE and places. And talked about collaborating. 

AND TADAAA! SPL WAS BORN! LMAO. I apologize if i'm not that good with writing, I'm trying my best to write well. XD So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, TwELFs. Thank you for being with me. 

Thank you, DEA, VAL, UTI, MAYA AND DINA For the opportunity. A million thanks wouldn't be enough to show my gratitude. 
The Great 아줌마!!!! 감사합니다! Working with you was PURE PERFECTION! <3333


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