Day 4: Write a letter to someone (any body you want to)

Dear You,
         I hope you're in good condition. I'd like to say a few words and I wish you could stay for a while. First of all, i'd want to thank you for being here. I know it's quite necessary to be but, you're here. And that's something big for me. I may not be that good in writing but let me tell you the exact things my heart is speaking. Let's see if this will change your heart or NOT. LOL. Im going to do a slight self intro now. Just to make sure you're in the right track to read.

Hello, I am D*****, a nursing student and I do love Kpop. It's not obsession, but rather "LOVING" what some people might NOT like. It's like you, liking Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers and some other Southern Artists. However, there's a twist. I LOVE Kpop even though I'm not that good in understanding their language. I have tried real hard to study and practice and I must say, I can read and write but not really good in conversations. ^^ I aint bragging, just setting out everything. :D

Next, I do have friends from the different parts of the world because of KPOP. (WORLD DOMINATION STARTS HERE). I know a couple or so from America, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy and Yeah, Korea. You know why? Because Kpop FANs are very sweet and friendly. You can actually talk to them about anything. From your favorites to your dislikes! Got that? You will never learn to get out from your comfort zones without trying hard. I learned that everything comes in gold boxes. I treasure and admire my foreigner friends just as the same as with my real personal friends. They might not be really here in body, but to me, they're just a click away and HOLLA! You've just earned yourself a good friend. :)

In the past few months, I have been on a semi-hiatus, mainly because I had to focus well on my education. (You know..the education here in the Philippines is...Hardcore.XD, You gotta let your eyes, nose and ears bleed all the time. :DDDD) Though I know it's not something to be ashamed of. Basically, we won't stop learning until we die. Erm words aren't really coming out of my small brain now. I still have to cram for a short quiz tomorrow and I had to make good on that or else.. You know what. So I might have to end the short chit-chat here and i'll be back sometime. :)) Thank you for reading and God Bless you.



  1. DAMAK man ning username nako sa LJ ui! i wanna change. RAWR!!

    aww this letter is for me? THANK YOU LMAO!!! you know i always find time to visit your blog. and read. ahahahaha.

    btw, i know you have exams and all, so what are you doing posting here?! XD

  2. HAHA. SHUT UP JO, I love your LJ account! <3