Day 3: Name A Tv show that You Have Been Addicted to.

This is pretty hard, since I only have to mention ONE. TV shows has always been a part of my lazy life. On a normal boring day, i'd usually end up getting myself one of my DVD's and would start watching one TV show for the whole day. So for the record? Here's my number one pick:

Why CSI? Because it's the coolest thing ever. How they solve the mystery of the deaths of people they do not even know, how they get into someone's house without any permission and without getting caught, how they respond quickly to their jobs as investigators, it amuses me. It might confuse you why I still prefer Southern Shows rather than Asian. You know the feeling of still getting the "suspense" Southern shows offer? It's hard to explain but it's "something else". They offer the tingle tingle of your nerves. It makes your breath stop and then you don't even know how they do it. :)) So there you go. CSI, one of the finest shows on earth.


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