The feeling was great. Today, I had the best experience in the world. I went out as one of the hosts of "ELF Countdown to SS3 Manila". Everything was rushed. I wasn't supposed to host, idk what happened though. It was kinda embarrassing, because everything was being crammed. Fails were everywhere pero naging okay naman. WE MANAGED. haha. It was funny because while we were having our lunch, Ms. Happee and Sir Vernon just passed by. Lee was like "WTH". Come to think of this, we looked kinda NOT ready because we were eating our lunch. And they just passed by without any warning. Then, boom everyone started to work like it was the end of the worl. Okay exaggeration. But it was really one of the times when you could actually see people working hand-in-hand just to make sure everything will be alright. At 2pm the event started. Everything else followed, there were funny contests and fail moments. We did "Siopao Asado, Kim HeeChul, Pin the Missing Shibrows, Teuksicles eating contests, ZhouMilk, trivia questions and Bring Me's". Amazing prices were also being given away (JEALOUS forever). The event went on until almost 5PM. Pero talagang MASAYA ang feeling. Kasi parang anrami mo'ng napasaya kahit sa konteng oras na yun. Lalo na nung ssanti dance. Grabe lang. One fanboy won the game. O sige i'm really tired right now, so i'll be getting the chance to sleep and get going.  

Thank you so much for everyone who came, who helped this possible (ATE JEN. SJUPH people) and most especially. to Ms. Happee Sy and Sir Vernon Go for being there, kahit na medyo konte ang tao masaya naman. :)
xo, readysetdrool.

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