Time flies so fast. In 19 days, it'd be December 21 again. The day when Hangeng decided to leave everything behind. I do not know why I am writing about Hangeng again, but what I am aware of is that I really miss him.  SO FUCKING MUCH. No drama's intended here, just pure honesty. You have seen me how I whine and complain about him leaving Super Junior, right? You've even heard me how I become an anti-HG. LOL. I hate HG because of what he did. Brick me, if you must. I'm not gonna take my words back.

 For a year now, I've been doing some heavy thinking why he just decided to leave without any words of crap or something. People started to hate SME especially LEE SOOMAN because they think they were the ones who should be blamed. I don't get it. Haven't you really noticed how Jungsoo and the other boys thank LSM and SME for everything they've done? PEOPLE. Open your minds. Do you think there'd be Super Junior without LSM?! HELL NO. LSM isn't to be blamed because of what HG did! Have you read the news about the time when HG did the contract signing? DUDE, HIS MOTHER WAS THERE. In short, He was AWARE of what's going on. He wasn't sleeping, nor dreaming when he signed the contract papers!! Get what I'm trying to say here? HG was fully knowledgeable what he's about to get into! That's friendship with the rest of the world, FAME, friend, FOOD and BROMANCE. FUUUUU. 

In addition to this rant blog, I just read SJM's about to release a new album. Here I go again. WHAT'S SJM WITHOUT HANGENG. RIGHT? RIGHT? Now go get that China Man back so that ZhouMi could get himself a good fight and Heechul to be tamed down a bit. 

see the difference? 

xo, readysetdrool.


  1. There.. =D
    First of all thanks for updating your options =)
    Second- I absolutely love the image above, it makes me miss HG more♥♥

    I hated him a BIT when he ranted about a contract which he signed, with his mother =| He should have read it first before signing, which I'm pretty sure he did.. but why act like this after years.. we all love him, but that's how thing are for now..=(

    Anyway, I still think SJ, SM, and HG (including ELF) would all be better, and happy together♥

  2. Aiverlin, Thank you for your thoughts. <3 As much as we want HG to get back, there's no chances. Maybe there is, but very small. We miss him so much, that everything he does makes us smile. At least, he's happy with his life now. :)