Life is always Sweet.

FACT: I'm telling all of this because I want YOU to believe. When you are on the verge of breaking down, losing all the faith you have, PRAY. God would definitely listen.

Let me tell of my own Journey; With faith and with God.
When I was on my 2nd year in high school, I got seriously ill. It started with Optic Neuritis. I couldn't really explain what that is, but I got blind. It started on my left eye. It just occurred without any symptoms. I woke up not being able to see on my left eye. The funny thing was, I ignored it. A few weeks later, another illness came. My fingers went numb, then my whole hands couldn't take a grip of anything. My mom saw dandruffs on my shoulders, and I never knew I had them. It was only to know that I couldn't scratch my head properly. Hence, everything else followed. I was rushed in and out of the hospital for a year. I stayed in the ICU for 2 weeks in different hospitals and had to sleep on a hard board in case of a cardiac arrest, half of my body was paralyzed (Right side), I almost spent my birthday inside the hospital, I had to use metals on my legs for support since I couldn't walk, got NGT, countless insertions of IV lines, had MRI// CT Scan in Manila and  here in Davao, seeked help from different doctors, had lumbar puncture (TWICE), tanks of Oxygen, a lung collapsed, different prescription medicines, admitted to all of the hospitals in Davao, been on an emergency room for IDK how many times, saw two people died beside her bed inside the ICU AND to end? I had a mother who almost gave up her daughter to God. She never forgot that time when she was inside the hospital chapel, praying to God. She said if the doctors were to get a hole unto my throat, she'd rather give me back to the Lord. And it was really sad. I was completely healed with a huge bag of faith and prayers from people I don't even know. My brother wouldn't even stop reminding me of how all the people in school prayed for me during early morning ceremonies. There. I've said everything. I aint bragging, What i'm trying to say is that I got a second free trip ride of life. This is my second life. The life I've been wasting for years. I'm not even saying I'm all holy and shizz. Dude, you have no idea how sinful I am! Now that I have shared my own journey with God, I'm just hoping that everyone would do the same, PREACH. Because God deserves all of our praises. When in doubt, ASK.<3
xo, readysetdrool.


  1. GOD definitely has a plan for all of us. that's why I don't doubt He'll give us challenges we can't conquer. let's all give ourselves to the Lord. :)