IT class earlier. Prof discussed about the evolution of softwares... Microsoft, Bill Gates, Linux, OS etcetc. Then she started mentioning MICROSOFT 95. Damn it made me realize how old I am! The vivid memories of my childhood began popping out. I wasn’t solely raised holding a Barbie and Ken doll. I grew up with that freaking Microsoft 95, cd-games (Math, English and Adventure games), Starcraft and Counterstrike!  Speaking of Starcraft, I truly miss that game. My cousin, me and sister used to play that game together. We even had to dig out for cheats! (Show me the money, Black Sheep Wall, Something for Nothing and more!) Awwwww reminiscing has always been a thing for me now a days. ~~ Random random. And before I could forget, there’s this quote my 4/5 year old nephew told me weeks ago. And it never left my mind. Hahahahha. We were fooling around when he faced me and courageously said “Bayot ka” (You’re gay). How sweeter could this boy be? xD 

Today, i was ditched by 2 suckers. 1st was my horrible evil self proclaimed twin brother, toby. We were supposed to watch HP together but he suddenly got a date to attend to. Not that i'm jealous of the girl he went out with (she was pretty. nice job brotha. xD), i'm pissed but because I thought I will be meeting up with Remus Lupin and  friends. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I ANTICIPATED FOR THIS MOVIE? YEAH, DESPERATE FANGIRL HERE. :l :((( Seriously Toby , you spoiled my day. :3 Next was the other bitch friend, Jolu. After knowing that Toby cancelled our trip to the cinemas I asked Jolu if we could meet and gossip. And he said yes. I was really hoping that we'd be meeting; not until he smsed me *again* and said he can't go because his uncle had already fetched him from school. Basically, I ended up going home and frowning. IRDKKK. I just want to watch HP nooowwwww. T_T

Why angry birds? Because I love these nasty birds!!! \m/

xo, readysetdrool.

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