ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS OF ASKING ME ABOUT FOOD? Lmao. Okay then. Let's give it a try! 
            5. PASTA - May it be vegetables or meat, as long as it's pasta, it's good!

   4. BARBECUE  / STEAK- Uhhh yeah it's mouth watering, delicious, delicious and deliciouss!! <3
    3. CAKES!!! - Nothing can really take the sweet tooth out of me! If only I'm not genetically in danger of diabetes, i'd certainly live life eating SWEETTTTSSS! And what is a cake without DUFF GOLDMAN?! You don't know him?! SERIOUSLY?! He's the genius mind behind ACE OF CAKES! Err yeah makes me crave for more cakes now. :3

      2. CHOCOLATES! - asdfgretraewfgrthytre. 

  1. ICE CREAM - You knew it, right? Apparently, ICE CREAMS are the only kind of food I can eat ALLLLL DAY!! AKMFLJTBGIEURAFJOAGREA. BRBRB Getting ice cream! here's the catch, I WANT TO EAT BASKIN ROBBINS / GELATISSIMO RIGHT NOW. SHIP ME TO CEBUUUUU


xo, readysetdrool.

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