Shining Star.

A very touching song composed by @cheonsa23. SUBBED and vids compilation By: mylovelysj

Tomorrow, at 8AM KST Fangirls will go emo.
because apparently everything will NOT be the same.
The diva, the attitude, EVERYTHING will be on hiatus.
I rarely see you cry. But when you do, it means something really serious. :(
Like the one during the ss2 // ss3. I know it was about 
HANGENG; you just couldn't keep that from me.  
i dont know what to say anymore. 
earlier i was walking home when karla smsed me, she said you already shaved your hair; thus
tears were streaming down my face. it's not over reacting. i just dont know how to react. :(
mindfuck i get affected because things will change. 
you are the life of the group. 
not that the other members are boring; but i think, without you, it's really different.
afjgilheurifawkdopsmlfjser. whatever.
희님 오빠, 잘있으세요! <3 
너무 사랑해!

as Karla just tweeted:
우유 빗깔 김희철! 사랑해요 김희철! 나쁜 남자 김희 철! 기다리게 김희철! T_T
so long, Kim Heechul. 2 years is a very short time. 
And when you're back, I will still be an ELF. 
A promise I will NEVER break. <3

xo, readysetdrool.

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