For the rare times you go like this, you make everyone jump into different types of conclusions, and by which, I think is UNFAIR. Seeing how Hyukjae trying not to cry during his speech, in addition to how his eyes looked so sad; it was just plain confusing and no certain emotions could actually tell what I felt when I saw this. Even Kyu who was in the far side of Hykjae was obviously not smiling. Jungsu, on the other hand who would usually go hyper if they won, didnt even bothered to give out a huge smile. Fans are desperate to know why you were acting down. Nobody dared to stand up and speak, YET. I just hope things will be clarified because honestly, I HATE rumours circulating without anyone to make things clear. -_- KTHNXBYE.
xo, readysetdrool.

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