because it's the 21st day of August.


생일축하합니다 오빠.난 너무 보고싶어요. ㅋㅋ
특별한 오늘, 가장 행복했으면 합니다. 멋진 생일 보내세요!

August 21, 1987, 김기범 (Kim Kibeom) was born. Don't know who he is? HERE. He's my TOP bias from Syupeochunieo. <3 He's MIA as of now because he's too busy with our family. LOL JK. He's focusing more on his acting carreeeeerrrr. <333 So here's what's been up today. afuhrfejwi <333

1. Kibum Family's SPLASH PAGE / Forum header. It was just plain cute. Although it's kind of simple, the design of the page was classy. :) 

2. This day, last year, I was happy. >:) Yeah ratatata even though he's been lost for a while, it never really mattered to me. It's just about waiting and patience. Rar<3

3. Ate Des && Ate Angel's CAKE. I wasn't able to get out of the house today which lead to the major epic fail party celebration I planned with MYSELF. I was supposed to eat at the Korean resto, visit ahjumma and just have the rest of the day dedicated to Kibum; BUT clearly, nothing happened. Was stuck at home and ended up doing requirements for school. -_-

4. Look what trended 1st in twitter?! Congrats to us, Jackie, Marie, Eunice and the rest of the7dwarfs! ENDANGERED FANS FTW!!! <333

xo, readysetdrool.

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