The motto of this variety show explains for itself!

런닝맨- is a South Korean Variety show which is being called as an "urban action variety". The hosts are being placed on a certain landmark in Korea and they have to complete different kinds of missions in order to win the race. What I really love about this show is that it never fails to make me laugh like a retard. The show may start boring but as seconds pass by, you won't notice but you are already laughing your ass off. Each episode is just full of hilarious moments especially with my most favourite cast member, Gwangsoo, Gary and Jihyo. iurfjaweisdkfhr. I'm so addicted with this show I wanna watch it up to episode 60+ now~~~

Kwangsu - <3 long legged oppa. same age with Joongki but you'll never notice. Always being trolled by his hyungs. Gwang-vatar (광바타)
Jaesuk - Grasshopper. The MC of the show, called as 유르스 윌리스 / Yuruce Wiillice from Bruce Willies. LOL
Sukjin - Big nose brother. Every time Sukjin, I feel like he's so respectable, like you can't joke around him. There's this one episode also where he was asked about his "family life", it really strucked me when he verbalized how much he loves his wife :3 
JongKook - SPARTAAA!!! Definitely one of the strongest man in the show. IRDK why he always wins. Haha. Though I must admit, he is kind of harsh to Gwangsoo!!!! 꾹이~♥^^
Garay ang Jihyo - MONDAY COUPLE~~ <3 nfugrhapjo;sdasfnljpd THEY ARE MEANT TO BE OKAY. -_- i whish they end up together cause I ship them so hard!! >:) Jihyo's the only female member of the group but DANG! You can never imagine how much she swears and gets mad to her co-artists!
Haha하로로 since he looks like Paroro the penguine. Lol this guy is so squishy. 

idk. a random post cause i love these guys so much!!! >:) 

xo, readysetdrool.

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