reality check

what does it take to be a kim kibum fan?

it doesn't mainly have to be about the expensive fangifts and the donations. you have to have the amazingly unique amount patience and loyalty. i honestly don't know where this post would lead me to. i'm just feeling a little "emotional" about this guy. he's not my boyfriend, to begin with. its just it's really hard to wait. the indescribable feeling of having to wait for someone with no assurance of coming back. :l 

3 albums already passed by without kibum. for the every album teaser, the hope of getting to see him is still there to be honest. because as the debut date of the album draws nearer, all you hear are rumors. "kibum was seen outside the premises of sme..blablabla". and you guys, you alwas have something to look forward to. the teasers, the bts, the photoshoots, the endorsements. you have them every single day. unlike us, who rarely gets to see a decent (HQ) photo of him. the more painful it gets when the actual album is released. it slaps my face and mocks me while it says "HI THERE, THERE'S STILL NO KIBUM". everytime a photo gets released, the hype will only be there for like 10 minutes. i have always tried to compare our spazzing with a flat line from an electrocardiogram. a photo's released, snowers are hyper, the line goes up. and then a few minutes passes by, we're dead again. flat line, waiting for another update. do you know how that sucks? NO. because you don't get it. :(
xo, readysetdrool.

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