Father's back<3 sungmin bebe scared lol

KELF waiting for Kangin
I can still remember how I shed tears two years ago when Kangin left for the army. It was a very painful goodbye for me, knowingly he'd be gone for 2 years. Now, 2 years passed by without everyone noticing that it has been too long since he left. Everyone must've been too busy to notice that time was very essential.

Today, April 16, 2012, he was discharged from his military duties. Today, Kim Youngwoon has rejoined his brothers moreover, he's back to the arms of every ELF in the world. god why am I being so cheesy. I just miss this guy so much. What has become of Super Junior when he was away is history. What I know is that he's back, they're 11-for the mean time (I can't say Heenim left for the army because he didn't haha). Apparently there's still 2 members who hasn't returned yet. Maybe one day their conscience *hopefully* would tell them to come back to where they truly belong. Honestly I am still hoping they'd come back. Especially that China man whom i'm really bitter off. :> and of course, my bebe. Dear bebe, will you please stop cleaning sments attic? it's as shiny already <3 Love youu.
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xo, readysetdrool.

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