Holding on,

Hi there friends :)

Let me just express my feels right now.
I'm not feeling really well these past few months. I've been experiencing a lot of discomforts with my body. Well a lot of it is in my head. It's been hurting a lot lately (particularly in the right lobe, sometimes it radiates to the occipital / nape). I try hard to sleep very early and avoided sweets because I've also been experiencing insomnia a lot. Well trying to at least minimize the pain. I tried to gather all signs and symptoms and I ended up with the following: insomnia, shortness of breath, sometimes I get slight diplopic, headache, numbness on some parts of my body and the worst, my memory is kind of failing me. There are things I easily forget. :( I'm really scared right now. Who wouldn't be. Right? :l I wanted to get myself a check up, get an mri / ctscan just to assure myself that i'm fine. I don't want  to experience being badly sick again because it's not cool at all. I've been in enough pain already, plus, I want to graduate on time.
xo, readysetdrool.

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