Hello lazy Friday morning!

It's not the usual weather here in Davao atm. Kinda cool but slightly warm clouds seems to be pretty gloomy too. Maybe it'll rain within the day. Oohhh I feel presh after the cold bath I just had. Haha. Bored now. Last 3 days of free days until duty days starts again. Another round of haggard-looking days. Nevertheless it will be worth it! Hmmm what else to do. Will probably meet up with friends later, chill and idk else what to do. Sucks not having a ticket for Tanduay's rhum fest tonight. Bet a lot of kiddos will be there. Nyways, trying to make the day productive (at least) watching running man episodes in 5...4...3...2...1...

xo, readysetdrool.

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