Super Junior 7th Anniversary Project

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Greetings to our fellow ELF!
We all know what special event we will be celebrating next month right? For this occasion, we’ve prepared projects in which we can show the world’s Supermen our support and love. Check them out below!

1) GDA Support - GDA is coming to town! We’re encouraging you to buy another ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Ver. A album if you can but if not, this is where we come in. If you don’t have enough to buy another album you can still donate any amount to your country representatives, which will go towards buying albums to improve sales. Email the details below to sj7thanniversary@gmail.com and we’ll send you the details of your country representative.
Subject: [DONATION] GDA Support
Full Name: Country:*Note: Please email us proof of your transaction once done.
If you want to be a country representative kindly email us the following details.
Subject: [DONATION] GDA Support – Country Rep
Full Name: Country:PayPal Account:

Contry Representatives Available:

  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

  • 2) SJ 7th Anniversary Trending Topic  - We’ve already prepared a trending topic and @Sup3rJunior will DM the fanbases about it (with sufficient time) before the anniversary in order for it to trend fast and stay long on the World Wide Trending Topics. (This is due to how trending topics work.) Do just watch out for it!

    3) SJ 7th Anniversary Avatars - If you can remember last year, TwELFs made a countdown for SJ’s Anniversary. Now, not only one will do the countdown but all of us by changing our Twitter/FB/Tumblr/LJ/etc display pics to a specific SJ 7th Anniversary Countdown avatar for that day. Don’t worry, we’ll provide the avatars on October 28th and we’ll start using the first one on October 31st all the way to November 6th. Remember, that it’s one avatar a day! And if you get mixed up as to which avatar to use, all the participating fansites will be using the appropriate avatars too!

    4) SJ 7th Anniversary Site - We’ll be setting up an LJ Community where you can post your Anniversary greetings to SJ. The site will be moderated and strictly observe posting rules, and will be made available on October 31st. We’ll try to make a place where you can post your Anniversary fanvids and fanarts too (will be updated later on).

    5) From U (ELF Ver) - If you understand the lyrics of that song, you know that this song is really something we can dedicate back to SJ. Several ELF will be given a phrase/line from the song to sing in the same tune as the original song, then we’ll compile the video and put it up together. If you want to participate, kindly refer to the requirements below.
    - It must be a group of 2 or more ELF
    - 8MP and up camera.
    We need 40 groups for this, if you’re interested kindly email us at sj7thanniversary@gmail.com with the following details below.
    Subject: [PROJECT] From U Application
    Name: {Full Name of Participants}
    Fluent in speaking Korean: {Y/N}
    -Don’t wear any shirt that represents/is linked to any another artist
    -Don’t show any sign/banner for certain SJ Members/Pairings – this is an anniversary video for the entire group
    -Don’t record in a noisy place or a dark place – if your video quality isn’t good enough for the video, we will not use your submission even though we sent confirmation
    -Record only in acapella, we will compile it and add the backing track.
    -Practice singing with the correct pronunciation first before filming- if the lyrics are not clear, we will email you back asking you to remake it within 3 days. If it’s still not clear by then, we’ll choose another group for the phrase/line given initially to you.
    Once we gave our confirmation and emailed back with the phrase/line you’ll be singing, you have 5 days to reply to us with the link of your video (preferably uploaded in Mediafire).
    Q&A? Tweet us @NKSubs, @TwELFs, @Sup3rJunior or @WorldWideELFs

    xo, readysetdrool.

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