2014년 4월18일
Davao International Airport

While waiting for Kayla's departure time, we were staying under the scorching heat of the sun when this taxi driver passed by us, holding 4 bottles of alcohols. 2 Jack Daniel's and 2 Tanduay ice. Since it was liek seriously hot, I was kidding around and doing "the charm" to the driver saying "Kuya, pashare naman!!! Ang ineeet!" (Kuya, can you share some of those cause it's too hot???). The taxi driver just gave us a smile and a nod like somehow /kindly/ teasing us. Luckily, the dude who game him those glorious bottles was a foreigner!!! He might've heard my plea to the taxi driver, he called me up and said we could have the 2 bottles of Tanduay ice!! He even got his bottle opener somewhere from his pants and opened the bottles himself! Really everyone was shouting "Wow! Is that for sure?" I just had to walk up to him and said "Thanks for the drinks, you saved us from dehydrating!" (tho really lol it would've cause us more water loss, nevertheless he was so kind!!!!)  another one move of kindness to save humanity. Although I forgot to ask his name, it's a good move to ask him where he's from. He's Australian..... To whoever you are, we're still thankful for the drink, mate. 
xo, readysetdrool.

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